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With currency is called the qin dynasty \Management of China s gold market.
What is the most precious in the pre-qin ancient COI three hole cloth worth?2, different redemption rules: ChaoChao surplus can redeem at any time, and no fees;What is the issue of currency basis?The new access Qian Bao currency A \Digital yuan has offline payment functio, namely also can complete the payment, don t need to network and WeChat, alipay, etc must be under the network environment to complete the payment.
Rd, Re, Rc represent the statutory reserve ratio, excess reserve ratio and the ratio of cash on deposit.
Any other unit and individual can t issue paper money.
Reserve fund or reserve is the commercial Banks and financial ititutio to deal with clients and meet the needs of the fund settlement funds, ready to reserve accounts for the total amount of deposits or debt ratio is the deposit reserve rate.
3, try to choose moderate scale of monetary fund.